Friday, December 17, 2010

Very Simple

This is a very simple ornament. A clear glass ball filled with white glitter and a little pine branch from the back yard. I am addicted to this red and white ribbon.

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steviewren said...

I agree, it's simple, but beautiful. The red checked ribbon adds the finishing touch.

I saw on your sidebar that you are expecting snow. I wonder if you'll get as much as they have been getting other places. Hurry, get finished with your shopping. You might be having a white Christmas!

Kim's Treasures said...

That's so cute! I need to try that!
Thanks for answering my Christmas tradition questions. Muffins and breads sound yummy! And your real tree must smell great! Wish we didn't have allergies! Your faux fur blanket sounds especially wonderful! I could enjoy a blanket like that!

I will be posting a scarf later today. First, I have to get over to hubby's office for lunch. Now that I'm finally here, people want to meet me...sigh...I always feel so awkward!

Have a great day!!!

Carol said...

So pretty! I love the ribbon too!


Miss Debbie said...

They are so pretty when the lights reflect on them, too!

Anonymous said...


<3 danielle

Debbie said...

Very simple and lovely.