Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here are the elephant note cards. Not really breaking news, I just like when I finish things. I have a lot of unfinished crafts, I am easily distracted. There are so many great ideas to try! Not this time, they are done! They are done!

The colors are a bit crazy, but that's okay. Right? I don't have much solid papers. I love prints!

I still love the owls! I made a few bookmarks.

It is snowing again. If I am staying in for the day, I have a few options. Crafting, cleaning, baking or watching television. There has been a big increase in my crafting and cleaning!
Right now it is time to clean.
Thanks for visiting!


Debbie said...

I love, LOVE, the elephants ! So cute!! The owls are darling. For me, the elephants are the winners. Do you wast to sell a few?

Kim's Treasures said...

The elephant cards turned out so cute! Yesterday, I started helping my girlfriend with her daughter's baby shower and they're using the elephant as a part of the theme.

I'm so in love with owls right now! The bookmarks are stinkin' cute!

So sorry to hear you're getting more snow! It snowed a bit here yesterday, yeah like we really needed more...pretty sure you're thinking the same thing!

Enjoy your day in!

GailinVirginia said...

Your work is wonderful...yes, they look done to me too:)
hope you keep finding new creative ideas. I am lost when I am not creating something. I like your blog and hope you keep at it.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments re: my Faithful Friends Sampler...it is addictive and I am loving it:)
Be well and take care of yourself,

cindy said...

The elephants are soo cute, but I really, really love the owls!!!!! Where you gonna do a tut on these?