Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Weekend

I would love to spend the weekend wrapped in this blanket curled up on the couch.
Maybe have a little fire! Do a little reading! We do not have a dog, but if we did I would want him laying on the floor right beside me.

This would be very nice. Could I maybe have a few cookies with that? Why not? It's the weekend!

This is my idea of a winter wonderland!
I could get lost in all the new catalogs that are coming to the house! Read "The Pioneer Woman's" new book.
Then at 6:00 PM I would turn on the tv and watch the Super Bowl!
It took me a while to deal with the fact that my Patriots are not in the Super Bowl, but I am over it. I'm over it! I'm over it! Not so much!

Thanks for visiting!


GailinVirginia said...

LOL...with a Redskins didn't come close...but, I will just relax in my big comfy chair and watch it...we canNOT all be the winner...sigh:::

Enjoy the game,

Miss Debbie said...

Thanks for your comment.Funny that pansies are our winter flowers here in GA and they are your spring flowers! Hope you enjoy the game even if the Pats aren't present. We invited a couple over for soup and the game...dessert, of course, at halftime!! :-) Have a wonderful week!

steviewren said...

I'm not much of a football fan, but I am looking forward to the episode of Glee that airs following the game.

Have a fantastic day curled up on the couch!

cindy said...

Is that an Anthro window? Gah...they do the coolest stuff! And yeah...that coffee was looking pretty good too! :)