Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I didn't realize there was so much green in the kitchen. I think everyone is looking for something green and springy these days. My father put this lamp together for me a few years ago. I found the shade and added the beads. The base is an old fashioned ice cream maker. It is one of my favorite pieces, ever! The rectangular green piece with the number 16 is a calender. February 16 is a special day. It is our daughter's birthday. It is funny that there is so much green in this post. Because tonight she is going to the Boston Celtics game. There will be a lot of green there!
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Kim's Treasures said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I hope the Celtics win for her!!! Love your vignette! The lamp is GREAT! Enjoy the day!!!!


Love it is a beautiful accent- I also have a little lamp in my kitchen and it makes such a warm cozy feeling (:)

Miss Debbie said...

Great lamp! My friend's husband is an electrician.They have a lamp made from an old electric meter like the power company use to come by and read at your house. It was always a conversation starter!!