Friday, March 4, 2011

Could this be me? Yesterday I went shopping for a new pair of shoes. I was lucky enough to find two pairs. They were actually the same pair of shoes. I could not decide between black or brown so I bought both. They were 40% off the original price and they were Clarks. I know I will wear them forever. They are so me and I am so predictable. All my winter clothes are either black, brown or deep purple (2 shirts)! I am not kidding. Last week I decided to step out of the box. I bought two cardigans one light purple the other teal. I am already wondering if I should return them? I am thinking yes! Is it too late for a change? Am I stuck in my lack of real color world? I think I am. However, my crafts are full of color. My rooms are full of color. My yellow house is colorful. Maybe that is enough color. Oh, my coats are black and my boots are black and brown! I drink my coffee black! Boy, am I dull!

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Kim's Treasures said...

If that polyvore is not you it is me for sure!!! I love it!

I find myself buying the same colors too, this year it's gray and navy. I do have other colors (just a few) but I really like my gray and navy.

Glad you found some shoes!

Happy weekend!

Lorilee said...

I love Clark's. I have the same style in multiple colors too!

steviewren said...

You are not dull...but you might need to add that light purple and teal to your wardrobe. Don't take it back...wear it!

mary from michigan said...

Do. Not. Return. The Colorful sweaters! I used to be a design consultant and clients would choose colorful, lively prints for sofas and other furniture. Then, just before it was time to pay the deposit before ordering, they'd change their mind and say, "oh, I guess I'll just get beige". I always felt sorry for those people with no color in their lives... at least you can say you have a cheerful, colorful home. Now it's time to let your choices in clothing reflect your fun personality. Don't do it! Keep the color!!