Thursday, March 24, 2011

I can just imagine myself riding around the neighborhood on this bicycle. I am also laughing out loud as I type this! I have not been on a bike in over 30 years. The only way I can see myself doing that, is if we were to summer on "The Vineyard". I am laughing out loud again, because that is never going to happen.

The real reason I am posting this is, because as hard as I try I always end up with a few not so perfect stamps. I had already put these, not so perfect stamps in the recycle bin before I realized I could use them to see if I like the color combinations. That way I would not have to ruin a good stamp if the colors were horrible. I hate when that happens and it happens a lot. I am pretty sure along the way I was the proud owner of a pink bike or tricycle.

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Miss Debbie said...

Mine was green and had two baskets on the back. I got it for Christmas when I was ten......and I still have it!! It is in our garage. It has a new seat, but other than that, it is still the same. Could we call it an antique? ha! ha!

steviewren said...

I like the imperfections sometimes. Especially if only a small portion of the stamp failed to print. I also like the idea of multiple bike images, with different bits colored. It makes a thoughtful image.

But your idea of using them for testing is good.

As to riding bikes...I used to love that! The last time was when we were at the beach about 18 years ago. We had a great time.

steviewren said...

No wait...the last time was when the kids and I went camping about 11 years ago. I gave my bike away after that because there is nowhere good to ride around here.

Cindy said...

LOL! My dad just bought an older bike (like from the 70's) and fixed it up...I keep thinking I will go over and take it out for a ride...and then I think of taking a spill and busting something...LOL. Maybe to feel like a kid again, I'll just go blow some bubbles. Cute stamp!