Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Saturday Night

Though I may live in the smallest state in the country, we have a lot of great restaurants! It was one of my resolutions to try new restaurants this year. Again, I was actually forced into sticking to this resolution because our favorite restaurant closed in February. It was our go to place! We could call up an hour before leaving the house and there would always be a table for us, actually we almost always ate at the bar. I know we will never find a place like it, but we are having fun (most of the time) trying new places. We are meeting friends at Siena a restaurant in Providence. It looks nice from the picture I posted. It has been there for years and if it can make it in this economy it has to be doing something right!
I am going to save room for desert! It is after all Mother's Day tomorrow!
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Kim's Treasures said...

The place looks very nice. Their food must be great to last this long in this economy.

The Vintage Stock is very pretty, I have used them in pots before and really enjoyed them. I bought the rest of my flowers today :-)