Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blissful Hour

Not much going on today. I am enjoying a beautiful spring day. I am relaxing sitting on the deck (actaully I am sitting in a chair on the deck) with an iced coffee, reading a fashion magazine. It is rather rare that I have my household chores done, but today I do. A friend gave me this plant a few weeks ago. It is so pretty. Maybe one year I will buy only white flowers for the yard. Our house is light gray with white trim and shutters. I think I will google white gardens and see how they look. I love google!

Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty. Your posts are very nice lately, as always :0)


Debbie said...

Your plant is so nice. I think all white gardens look so pretty but always want more color for my own. Glad it is warm enough where you live to sit outside. We are back to cold and rain again. Enjoy the weekend!

cindy said...

Gorgeous pic! Feels like summer.

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