Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Cards

My card supply is running low! How did that happen?

I needed a few thank you cards.

I just love this bird, it has attitude. I guess I would too, if I was walking around with a crown on my head!

This flower card is rather simple, but the colors are so bright and cheerful.
That was how I was feeling yesterday, cheerful, The weather was great, some may say a perfect spring day. Today is cloudy, gray, overcast, chilly, dismal, dreary and downright lousy! Maybe it is not that bad. We just can not seem to put a few nice days together. Spring in New England it's like a box of chocolates!

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Kim's Treasures said...

Your cards are always so pretty and colorful!

steviewren said...

That sounds like our day today. Lots of rain. My Sunday paper is out on the driveway...I imagine it is saturated.

cindy said...

These are cheerful and I always love your fun, happy style! It always makes me smile!

yapping cat