Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready to relax

I bought these lounge chairs two years ago. They were a bargain $30.00 a piece. This year after taking them out for the summer I noticed they were a little rusty and needed a little care. I also bought three new chair pads last week for $19.00 a piece. That is a great price, I had looked around and the cheapest pads I found were $40.00 a piece. And they are reversible, too! Hopefully, I can get few more summers out of them!

This is not a pretty picture! Last week I bought green paint, that was a perfect match. I am proud of myself for buying a big tarp to keep the grass from being covered with paint. I would usually put a piece of newspaper under the legs. The plastic made my job very easy. No pulling paper from the freshly painted legs. Now, I have a few other pieces of lawn furniture that need a little tlc. However, today I am fighting a losing battle with the pollen in the air! My head is about ready to explode! Not a pretty picture either! No painting today.
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Carol said...

I love the chair pads, perfect color! With magizines on the chair looks like you're ready to enjoy a lot of relaxing moments.


Miss Debbie said...

Great job on the chairs! We need a new cushion on our swing.... they are harder to find. The squirrels chewed into ours and pulled out stuffing for their nests...the little rascals!

cindy said...

Great chair pads though! Love the color combo's of the pad and pillows, very you! Sorry no painting, and yeah the pollen has been brutal...I think we had this discussion...and now we must deal with summer heat...the fun just never stops! :D

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