Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beware of the waves!

My daughter's boyfriend Kyle took this picture Friday afternoon during Hurricane Earl. There were a lot of people down by the ocean watching the waves. Ah, the beauty of Mother Nature. Kyle goes to this section of the beach almost every weekend, he knows it pretty well. There was lady taking pictures from a spot that he knew would not be safe. He told her a few times that she should move. He continued to take his pictures and when he turned to look at her, this is what he saw. That little dot in the water is her head. She did make it out safely, I wonder what happened to her camera? Believe it or not, he told another person the same exact thing, he was also swept into the water and made it out safely. But what if they were struggling and needed help? What is the onlooker's responsibility when this happens? There was another man on the beach that also warned these people about the danger of standing too close to the water. This man told them , he was not going to go in the water if they were carried in by a wave. You hear too many stories about people that go into rescue these idiots and they end up drowning.
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steviewren said...

Yikes! Some people are idiots. I'm glad Kyle didn't have to try and save anyone. It looks dangerous.

Kim's Treasures said...

OMG...glad she got out safe...why do people do such unsmart things!?!