Monday, September 13, 2010

Little weekend project!

Repainting the upstairs bathroom was on my fall to-do list. For that matter it was on last year's to-do list. However, the ceiling on the other side of this wall is over 11 feet high. I am all of 5'2" and even with a ladder it is hard to reach the top of the ceiling! Let me say it is scary, too! I decided to repaint the floor instead and keep the walls green. The walls are not really this color. They look mint green, but they are deeper than this. If I tried to darken the picture than you could not see the texture of the chest, that I love! More storage is a must!

I have painted this floor many times, I use porch paint. This was leftover from our front porch , so I consider it free! I did add a new shower curtain and rod, two scatter rugs, a brown leather chest, a picture and I made a new curtain for in front of the vanity. The vanity is old and tired, so rather than replace it I made a curtain for the front of it. You can see a glimpse of it in the first picture.

This print really brought the room together. I never would of thought I would have a green, orange and brown bathroom. But this picture inspired me to take a chance! If I did not like it, I could just return it. Not a big risk! I eat my own cooking, that is considered a bigger risk in my house! I am not kidding! That is why I don't share too many ideas or recipes that are not considered baked goods or sweets!

I am happy with the redo, it was rather inexpensive and it really needed a face lift!

I should of taken a before picture but I really did not plan to do this over the weekend. I just painted the floor and went to the HomeGoods and TJ Maxx and bought a few things. Instead of fall cleaning, I paint! Usually one room, but the downstairs needs a little change, too. Not much just some paint!
Okay, I do a little fall cleaning. Reluctantly, may I add!
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Crickit said...

I think that your bathroom turned out really cute. Everything goes together really well. I love the wall color also.

Miss Debbie said...

My, you were productive this weekend!It looks nice. It is amazing what a difference just a few changes can make.I bet your cooking is not that bad!:-)

cindy said...

The bathroom turned out very pretty. I'm a sucker for brown with anything and I love this combo of orange and mint green. Love the striped shower curtain too, very pretty. You did good and you are right the print really pulls it all together.