Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Tree

I have been working on this little project on and off for a week now. One night while looking for Halloween images I found a Halloween tree. I forgot to put it my favorites so what it looked like I do not remember and I can not give someone credit for the idea. But I have seen a few trees similar to mine so that is what I went for. We had a storm in New England a few weeks back that left a lot of branches on the ground. So, I cleaned the yard and made a cute tree. Two for the price of one! I sprayed the branches black, stuck them in floral foam added some Spanish moss and this is what I got. Oh, and a few paper ornaments!
This little witch demanded a close up. I agreed, she came out rather cute!

After looking at the first pictures, I kept thinking something was not quite right. Then I noticed that I forgot to distress the pot. I just wanted to finish this tree and forgot all about it. So, I painted the pot and took a new batch of pictures.
I added a little glitter to a few of the pumpkins. I wanted to glitter a few of the branches. I think I will leave then alone for now, maybe next year.


cindy said...

How cute is that? I do love it. You are always such a clever girl!


Lavinia said...

I have just printed off this picture,and I am going to make my very own halloween tree. This is a great idea, I love it!

Carol said...

You always amaze me with all the fabulous projects you create! Can't wait to see the finished reveal of you daughter's furniture!
Carol :0)

Anonymous said...

I love the tree mom!
It's spoooooky and cute!