Friday, November 12, 2010

Cake Bingo

The bazaar is this weekend and I volunteered to make a few cakes. It was fun! I wanted to make more, but there were still things to do at the church. Next year I will do it again and I really want to make ten cakes and I think I can do it!

These cakes will be used for a cake bingo! I have never heard of cake bingo. I guess it is as easy as it sounds. You win and you pick the cake you like.

Even though it is a Christmas bazaar I thought I would make "fall looking" cakes. They have lots of things that are not Christmas related. And my friend who is in charge said it was fine. It is nice to have friends in high places!

The story behind this cake being two colors is simple. I ran out of chocolate frosting and had extra vanilla. I like it!

Thanks for visiting!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Debbie said...

Wow! You have been busy! You are certainly generous with your time and talents! I know your friend is very grateful for your help and blessed by your friendship!

steviewren said...

You are amazing Denise. Take plenty of pictures are the bazaar. That way we will all feel like we were right there with you.

Kim's Treasures said...

Pretty cakes, busy lady! I bet everyone loved them! I would like that game! Cake...yum!

Crickit said...

Sounds like a great game. Your cakes look delicious! :)