Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not much to see here!

The weather has changed and not for the better! Fall is in the air, it was 29 degrees last night. It is not too early to start thinking Thanksgiving. I have been looking for a few new recipes to add to the old faithfuls. I would like to add sweet potatoes with marshmallows this year! I am not sure what else but I do enjoy looking at all the recipes!
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Kim's Treasures said...

Your tablescape is pretty! Thanksgiving will be about the same for us this year. Nothing new added. We are headed back to MI for the holiday and I'm still not sure if I'm cooking for 2 or 4.

Been busy trying an attempt at quilting...I'm "trying" to make a mug rug. I made one and am trying to get the binding on. This one may never make the blog. I need lots of practice. It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult. Maybe after some practice, it won't be so hard!

It's really cold here too. We had those hard snow pellets earlier. Yuck!

Have a great night!

Miss Debbie said...

Pretty plate! I've tried to add new things to our traditional dinner, but the family really prefers the "old faithfuls". Last year, I said, "I give up!" I'll stick with what they is easy and familiar:-)

steviewren said...

Your table setting is beautiful!

This year I'm going to meet my TX son and his family and DIL's parents in the Smoky Mountains for Thanksgiving week. I can't wait.

Good luck recipe surfing.

Julie said...

Hi, Denise!
You MUST, MUST have sweet potatoes with marshmallows!!! It's been a tradition in my family since before I remember and one that I've continued - our children LOVE them and have said they're going to make them, too!
I just love your Thanksgiving dishes! They're beautiful!!!
Sorry that you're too cold. :(
Many Blessings,