Monday, August 9, 2010

Blue Apron

A friend of our family is heading off to law school in Boston. I wanted to make her something. Now that she will be on her own , I am sure she will be making a lot of her own meals. I'm pretty sure every law student needs an apron! Well, I hope she likes it. She leaves in a few days so maybe I can make a few more things.
Thanks for visiting!


steviewren said...

I've become a sucker for anything in those colors of blue lately. Your friend will be thrilled with this gift!

Christine said...

I love the colors and the print is fantastic, love it! Your friend is very lucky and being a law student I'm sure she'll use it a lot!

Carol said...

Love everything about the apron!! Great colors!


Miss Debbie said...

I love aprons and that is a very pretty one. I'm sure you friend will be pleased.