Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time to start Christmas Crafting!

There, I said it! I am not trying to scare anyone by mentioning the word Christmas in August. But I have learned that if you want to have a relaxed and festive Christmas season you have to start making your Christmas crafts early! Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who will be very involved in a Christmas Bazaar. I helped her with it last year and much to my surprise, I really liked it! After lunch I headed to Jo Ann's to buy some felt. I had seen a few cute penguins online earlier in the day. So that is what I made, a penguin ornament. It took a while to make the pattern the right size and after three tries I came up with this cute little guy.

I thought he needed to look a little more festive so I attached a Christmas list to his arm. However, today I did not like it so much and removed it! Who knows it could be back on by the end of the day. Now, I must go buy more felt! I want to make at least 20 of them! Yikes, 20?

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Miss Debbie said...

Really cute. My mom's church had bazaars a long time ago. She sewed beautifully, but wasn't much of a crafter, so she would recruit me to help. It was fun!

Carrie said...

that is so cute! I might have to make some of these for my kitchen tree I have a little penguin thing going on in there :)


Anonymous said...

He is a cute little guy! I love him.... Pierre, correct? ;)

<3 danielle

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cindy said...

Christmas? LOL LOL...I can't even wrap my head around Fall decor...and its September 16th. My hat is off to you my fren, for thinking that far ahead.