Friday, August 20, 2010

Owls Keychain

I am up to my elbows in felt! I bought quite a few pieces of the traditional colors, but I want to look for the more subdued shades. If I can not find them locally I hope I can find them online.
While looking for cute felt ideas I found an owl key chain. If I see something and I can not get it out of my mind, I have to make it. So, I stopped the ornaments for a bit and made this cute key chain. Both of my daughters love owls, I see another key chain in my future. I could never make something for one and not the other. What kind of mother, would I be? Then again the little owls are growing on me, maybe I will keep it for myself. It could be our little secret!
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Kim's Treasures said...


steviewren said...

You always make the cutest things. Rachel is really into making play food for Elijah out of felt. She just looks at photos on line and makes her patterns up herself.

I am up to my elbows in torn paper right now. I had to clear out a pile of magazines, but could not get rid of them without tearing out pages. They are art magazines. Of course I got inspired and started collaging things right away. I'll post pictures soon.

Miss Debbie said...

Too cute! Owls seem to be very popular these days. Your girls (if they get them. ha! ha!)will love them and will probably have lots of people asking about them when they pull them out of their purses. You'll probably start getting orders! Next thing we know you'll have your own craft business! :-)

liz said...

adorable! i want one!

cindy said...

How cute! And owls are so hot right now. We got tons of owl things in at work. I think this is simply adorable!