Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Country Living

My favorite magazine has experienced a make over. It's a larger size, not too big, but it is noticeable.

They still have great recipes. I am going to make this Israeli Couscous and Apple Salad. I bought all the ingredients to make it this weekend but never got around to it. Hopefully, I will have time later this week.
The recipes are printed in the back of the issue, as usual. But I think they are a little easier to find and also to read.
This is new, they have a little fashion section. I like it.

I actually really like this outfit. I always ask my daughter if I am dressed correctly before I leave the house. Well, not every time I leave the house. Just when I think I might of pushed the envelope just a bit. I do not want to look too young or too frumpy! But I think I could wear this outfit if I moved out west some where. I don't see that happening, but I still like the look!
The caption says "Get Crafty", okay I will. I would love to make a few of these. It is so cute. They tell you how to make it and where to get the dispenser. I will put this on my t0-do list.

The magazine still has pictures of beautiful homes.
I fell in love with this little space. Sometimes I wonder why I feel a little sad after reading these magazines. I like my house, but the homes in magazines like CL leave you wanting more. Are these magazines really inspiring us? Or are they depressing us? I will keep this post positive. I found a lot of great ideas in this magazine and that is a good thing. But, then again I really want this cute little space. But I have no where to put it! That I am positive about.

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Kim's Treasures said...

I think I may pick up this issue. I like that outfit! You could wear that in the fall anywhere. You could wear it to the apple orchard as long as you don't plan to climb the trees. You could wear it for a casual evening out with the hubs. Very cute!

Have a great day!

steviewren said...

I've gotten a bad case of home re-do fever since I was laid off work...I blame it on too much HGTV. Like you, I love looking at the magazines and I get a little sad when I see things I love but know I will never have. But, I would never give up looking.