Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yellow Squash

Last week a friend gave me yellow squash from her garden. I was going to search for a few squash recipes but I found one at a favorite blogger of mine Carol at . I like it when I already have the ingredients at home.
Spray a casserole dish with Pam. Then line dish with one layer of sliced squash,
add in this order
salt, pepper,onion flakes,
bread crumbs, pats of butter,
your choice of shredded cheese.

I had enough squash to make a few layers
Then bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes.

It was very good. It makes a great side dish or lunch with a nice piece of corn! I love all the vegetables that are in season right now.

Thanks for visiting!


Carol said...

Thanks a bunch for featuring my recipe! Also, thank you for sharing my blog address. I hope some new friends will come by for a visit!!


Kim's Treasures said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm in need of a new yellow squash recipe! Looks yummy!