Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diary of a snowbound woman with and without electricity!

5:45 AM I do not trust the tree branches that hover over the roof of our bedroom. I head downstairs to sit on the couch, I feel safer there!

6:15 AM I take a few pictures of our snow covered yard. It is a winter wonderland! At that moment it was.
7:00 AM I make my first cup of coffee. I turn on the television and scan a few channels. HSN is having a fall fashion clearance. I usually don't watch HSN but today I might.
7:30 AM I turn on my computer to catch up with some blogs and get lost on the Internet for a while. I don't see anything I want on HSN. I do not need black knee high boots with gold studs, or do I?

8:00 AM I take more pictures of the pretty snow!
9:10 AM I start to transfer my pictures to my computer. I want to blog about the storm later.
9:13 AM The electricity goes off. Nothing like the quite of a house when the power goes off. I wonder where my pictures are? Are they caught in between my camera and my computer?
9:15 AM I can do without power for a while. Heck, I was born in the 20th century, before cable, before Internet and before the Patriots were winners! I can do this!
10:20 AM I have made a few phone calls, everyone else has power! I light a few candles, this could be a long day!
10:40 AM No power = no glue gun!
10:41 AM No power = no second cup of coffee. Dunkin Donuts should have a truck that makes deliveries, just like the ice cream man!
10:52 AM Alright, I can adjust to the quiet house. I can tidy my bedroom. I will not clean my closet it is dark in there!
11:00 AM I am wondering why I did not buy a loaf of bread. I thought if I was house bound I would just heat up some soup, maybe make a pizza or a grilled cheese. If I had bread, I could make a turkey sandwich with Havarti cheese. Now what? Believe it or not a major grocery store is closed today! This must be a big storm!

11:30 AM I have cleaned my bedroom, sorted through the mail (two weeks worth), lit more candles, moved the couch ( I will move it back later, I liked the way it was) and poured a glass of Diet Coke. In times of trouble I always turn to Diet Coke.
11:34 AM What is that I hear? Is that National Grid? Are they here to safe the day and fix this power situation. No, it is the "plow guy". I should not be disappointed he will plow the driveway and do a little path to the stairs. I may have to go out later to keep up, but this is a great start.
11:36 AM What is that I hear? It is the alarm coming back on, the frig is humming, the tv is back! Note to self, check HSN. And that other noise, is my daughter's happy reaction to the "sound of power". I did not mention her reaction at 9:20 AM when I informed her of our horrible situation! She is a substitute teacher and there is no school today.
11:37AM We both utter the words coffee! I am a old timer I know the power could go off as fast as it came back on. Let's hurry and make the coffee! I also fill the tub with water, we have well water which means no electricity no water. I hurry downstairs to put a load of wash in and transfer a load into the dryer. Ah, another day in paradise. If paradise is 30 degrees, snowing, windy, with a gray sky!
11:45AM I plug the glue gun in and my daughter heads out to clean off the cars. Maybe this is paradise!

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steviewren said...

Your paradise is beautiful. Mine is getting old.

A big scrapper did come up the street a while ago. I found a number to the highway transportation services. The guy there said the sand truck is supposed to be on his way as well. Hallelujah! I've been inside these 4 walls for 3 days now. I will hang onto that number, as I wasn't aware that I could call for the sand truck to come out and get us off this hill.

I've got a job interview tomorrow and I don't want to miss it!

Just finished talking to the cable company because even though the cable is working my phone service is not...UGH!

I hope your power stays on. I washed all my dirty clothes on Sunday just in case the power went out.

Miss Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. We are definitely spoiled by our electricity, aren't we? You did not mention heat, so I guess you had some!

Carol said...

Wow, now that's a snowstorm! Loved your timeline of events of your morning. Stay warm & cozy!


Adrienne said...

o my!!! i've got to have my coffee! we've had seriously cold temps with light snow here...take care!

Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Love your post of your day! Last night we returned from vacation to no tv and no internet service...AHHH!!! The day after vacation is always...lay on the couch with the dog who is exhausted from her vacation at Petsmarts doggy day camp and hotel. It's not sit and wait all day for repairmen and then for them to say they can't fix it they need to call the line men. UGH! All day, no tv, no internet! All is well with the world's back!

My daughter was praying for a snow day on Wed., she's a teacher! LOL!