Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love "green crafts" !

There are so many "green craft" ideas out there! I am partial to covering boxes with paper! While I was doing little cleaning I found this book of flowers I bought a few years ago. The flower images are beautiful and the paper is heavy and very glossy! I just used the last match on Friday so it was time to cover the match box!

I can't believe it is the same box. I am partial to red flowers!

Now, what am I going to put in there? The box looks like it would be a nice valentine gift. I was not thinking that when I made it, but that is the next holiday.

Thanks for visiting!


Lorilee said...

Wow, what a beautiful transformation!

Carol said...

I am so impressed with your creativity! So pretty!


Miss Debbie said...

You certainly have the gift of seeing the potential in the simplest of things. Whoever gets a gift in that box will be truly blessed!

cindy said...

Red too! Love the way that this finished out...very sweet. I say perfect for some tiny, really good chocolates! :D


Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful!!! The new GreenCraft Magazine comes out on February 1st!!! YAY!!! I cannot wait!!!