Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Waiting on a snowstorm!

I am waiting to see how much snow we will get tonight. I guess that does not make me any different from anyone who lives on the east coast of The United States. I am prepared I bought a new pad of pretty paper and glue sticks! Isn't that how everyone prepares? I did move the shovels from the back of the house to the front porch. I will back my car into the driveway, it makes it easy to exit the day after a storm. I have quite a few new candles in case we lose power. What scent will it be? Fluer d'aspen? Island Orchard? Autumn Fruit? I will most likely bake something. I always bake in a storm. I'm thinking cake! No, scones! I'll bake something that is for sure! I may even clean that walk-in closet I have in my bedroom. Problem, I can't walk in it! That is why I always keep the door closed. There I said it! It is out in the open! I need help with organizing my stuff! Well, whatever the storm brings I am lucky that I have a roof over my head that will keep me safe and warm!
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Carol said...

Sounds like you've got a plan in place for the snowstorm. I'm looking forward to seeing what creations you make!


steviewren said...

I always worry about losing power. My heat is gas, but the thermostat is electric...therefore it won't work without power.

Luckily, our storm did not ice heavily enough to cause lines to snap. So I've been warm inside yesterday and today.

I'm thinking about making quiche and oatmeal cookies this afternoon. But I should be continuing the closet clean out I started last week.

Stay warm tonight!

Anonymous said...

No storm for us tonight..we had ours Sun night.It is suppose to be bitterly cold tonight and tomorrow. So, I'm bracing for that!