Monday, January 17, 2011

Still papering, no end in sight!

I had a lot of fun making these! They are the pocketbook calenders that you can find almost anywhere at the end of the year.

They all started off looking like this one. Very nice, but I just can not stop myself from covering things with paper. I bought six of them at Michael's craft store, they were 50 cents a piece.
I agree "There is beauty to be found in every corner". However, if I look around my house I see dust and a few leftover pine needles from the Christmas tree. I'll tend to that later.

I made this one at nighttime. I guess that could be the reason for my color choices. Owls do come out at night. I am quite sure that I have never seen a real owl. Paper ones, yes. A real one, no.

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Kim's Treasures said...

Look at you go! These are great! Owls do come out at night...I just saw my first one in the real world (not a zoo or Disney) on the side of the road, it must have caught something. It was a pretty big one! They are really beautiful!

steviewren said...

I'm glad to see your crafty self at work. I love looking at your creations.

I've never seen a real owl either, but I do hear them at night occasionally.

Lorilee said...

Your calendars are beautiful. I have seen owls, but I usually just hear them. I love the sound of a hoot owl! My brother had a Barn owl raise her 3 babies in his deer blind one year! He had left a window open in it. He had a major clean-up job when they left. Lots of bones and fur that they don't digest! TMI right!