Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shirt to bag in an afternoon

Monday I made this bag from of one of my husband's button down work shirts. It is a another project from the Green Craft magazine. I was hoping that I could find a plaid shirt that I could use but I had to settle for this solid blue oxford instead. This shirt had a ink spot on the pocket. I couldn't use a shirt that was still good to wear. However, it would be a shame if one of those nice plaid shirts happen to get a mysterious tear or a bleach spot.

This is the bag that inspired me to make mine. I love plaid or checked shirts.

I did not know where to begin so I just made the first cut and started sewing. I had a piece of iron on interfacing that I cut to fit the front piece of the bag. I thought the fabric was a little thin and the interfacing did help give it a little more body.

I found a piece of leftover fabric for a new pocket. I thought about changing the buttons but when it was almost finished I decided to stay with the white buttons instead.

I added a piece of red ribbon and a red heart to the pocket. I am not sure when I am going to use it. It looks like a summer bag to me. I do know I want to make another one.

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Carol said...

How clever! I LOVE it!


Kim's Treasures said...

I love that bag! When I saw it in the magazine I fell in love with it. I still haven't tried making it. I think today, I will try to do something fun for my girlfriend's bday even if it's just a card.

It's snowing here but we won't get the 3 inches they called for, maybe 1. You sure are getting all the snow this year!

Hope you have fun crafting today! You are on a roll right now!


Debbie said...

Very cute! It looks great for a market bag.

steviewren said...

I just cleaned lots of clothes out of my closets....I better go back through the bags for shirts to make into bags before I give the rest away.

Denise, you are one of the most productive crafters I have ever met!