Friday, January 21, 2011

Hearts Hearts Hearts

We had another snowstorm today, somewhere between 2 - 4 inches. It might be more but, really after 16 inches of snow last week, this is nothing. I had planned to stay home and home I will stay. I want to fit in as much crafting as I can! Here is the first project! A heart shaped bookmark.
They were very easy and fun to make! Maybe next week I can show you all how easy they really are to make! I am not too sure how I will be at giving directions. But I will give it a try.

Here is what inspired me to make them in the first place. It is from Martha Stewart.

I just added a button and ribbon to mine.

Remember I said you will be seeing hearts everywhere!

It is a wonderful world, most days! Except when your favorite team loses, but I am feeling better about that! Okay, I am still in denial!

This is the book I am reading right now. It is about an interior decorator that lives in Georgia. I love decorating and for some reason I love to read about the south!

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Kim's Treasures said...

I tend to judge books by the cover and this book looks like one fun book! I should look for it.

The heart book marks are wonderful! I love them! You have great papers!!!

I think we are both over winter already! It is super uber cold here! The sun is shining, thankfully! BUT those windchills are bone chilling! So far, I've been lucky enough to be inside. Emma has not asked to go out. Whew! I did all my grocery shopping yesterday : ) So here I sit on the computer with a hot bowl of soup!

Hope you're enjoying your stay in day too!

Debbie said...

Very cute! I like your version. You are always doing soooooo much! And then you still have time to read.
Stay warm and enjoy your weekend.

steviewren said...

I've read that book! I laughed my head off in parts of it. I always love it when I find a really good book to read. Enjoy!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Love your heart bookmarks - but then again, I love everything you do!

cindy said...

Well these are just tooo stinkin cute! Yes, a tut please!

And you'll have to let me know if that book is good...I'm always looking for a good read...but sometimes Southern writers drive me crazy (so freakin long winded). And as a Southern...I think I can say that with a clear conscience! LOL.