Friday, January 15, 2010

CD Holder

I am working on a fun little project to hold a few of my favorite CDs.

It all started on Tuesday morning. I had not left my house in four days, a record for me! It might be the weather, it is cold outside! So, Tuesday I head out to return a few Christmas presents while I still have the receipts! I ventured into Michael's to see if they had any leftover Christmas crafts. Sorry to say, but they were pretty much picked over. I did find this cute bunch of five circle chipboards.

It was only $1.00 I thought I could do something with it. When I got into my car, I put in a CD my daughter made for me. Maybe I could make something out of the chipboard circles to hold my CDs.

That is what I did as soon as I got home. Okay, not right when I got home. But, after making supper and doing the dishes.

Each circle has a little pocket to hold one CD.

I found a few little quotes on the Internet. I agree with this one. The music I listen to is really influenced by the way I am feeling at that moment in time. Sad day and the music is low key. Happy day and the music is more upbeat. Now that I think about it, maybe on the sad days I should be listening to the more upbeat music. I wish I had a better word than upbeat, but right now that is all I have.

I must admit this has been one of my favorite projects.
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Carrie said...

it looks so good! You are so creative girl!

Have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

These are so cute.You come up with the best ideas.A little chip board a little paper,glue,buttons,glitter,what else does a girl need..........

L said...

I am always inspired by your imagination and creativeness. Thanks for sharing.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Up Beat works for me! But I know what you mean. Sometimes my commenter say the exact thing that I wished I said!
Love this cd holder...mine are a mess!
You would love NEST...but it's not where all the other shops are in Mystic. So if you go let me know I'll give you the address. She has no web site!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

That is such a darling idea. Now, maybe, jus' maybe, I'd put my cd's back in the right spot if I had something that sweet to put them in! Beautiful Job Denise! Cathy

cindy said...

Just stinkin adorable!!!!!! I love your happy style and cute little birdies! :D

yapping cat

and love your new banner too!!!!