Monday, January 25, 2010

Laundry Basket

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers had a post about covering a laundry basket with fabric. I own a few of those ordinary plastic laundry baskets. I will admit they are an awful shade of bright turquoise green. I decided I needed one of these very pretty baskets, my laundry deserved of an upgrade. No more plastic baskets!

Last week while browsing at Homegoods I noticed a very pretty fabric covered laundry basket. But did I really need it? I left without it. When I got home I found this basket in the back of a closet. Looks like a laundry basket. I have leftover fabric, I could make one.

It did not take me very long to find enough leftover fabric to make the cover. I had to buy the pom-pom fringe, I still love pom-fringe.

It is funny because I went to the blog that I thought had the original laundry basket. I like to give credit, when credit is do. I went back as far as November and did not find the basket. Now, I have no idea where I found it. The other funny thing is that I am trying very hard to put our clothes away as soon as they come out of the dryer. Now, the basket has been sitting on the floor empty. But, I did enjoy making it.

Thanks for visiting!


Kim's Treasures said...

I love it! :-)

Patti Cakes said...

Oh I like it and you did a very good job! Hugs

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

What a great laundry basket :)