Friday, January 22, 2010

I just want to be done!

I can't believe it has been a week since I posted something new. I really wanted to concentrate on improving my blog this year and I start off the year by neglecting it! I haven't really been feeling that creative either! What I have been doing is trying to get my house in order. That means cleaning, organizing and finishing all the projects that I started. The picture of my new dining room furniture is a great example of things that need to be finished! I have been deciding on chairs, since Thanksgiving. We eat at the kitchen bar, so there is no real hurry. I think I have made a decision on what chairs to keep. I will post a picture of my new finished dining room next week!

Another unfinished room, is our bedroom! I painted the walls a pretty dark tan/gold color in late fall. This is a look at the bedroom door. My husband thought it would be nice to make it look like a barn door. I agreed, the other side that faces the hallway is red.

Still working on the pillows for the bed. They are smaller in real life. I will say they also look better in real life. I do not see a future in photography! I love the front two pillows! I not sure what to call the look I am going for, I want it to have a western feel, like Colorado or Montana. I have no idea why, I just want it to have a comfy fell that both my husband and I would like. Not that it really matters to him. He has always let me do the decorating.

This is the top of a tall chest. I put a wreath down and put these two large candle holders inside. I love the blue beads against the tan walls. I was going to throw the glass beads out and buy red ones, but the blue is very pretty. This is what I have been doing. Finishing all the decorating projects that I have been neglecting since fall. One day, I will say my house is done! I will be done looking for curtains, rugs, lamps and more lamps! Another problem is that I buy something take it home look at it for a few days and decide it is now quite what I wanted. That means back to the store and start again. Professional decorators earn their money! I can not wait until I am done! Then I can sit down and finish that book I got for Christmas!
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cindy said...

It all looks very pretty! Love the door and that garland on it is gorgeous! Love all the colors in your home, very cozy!

yapping cat

Anonymous said...

pretty pictures mom :0)

danielle <3