Saturday, January 30, 2010

Favorite paper of the week

I usually go to either Michaels or Joann's at least once a week. I always bring my 40% off coupons with me, I hate to pay full price for almost anything. On my trips there I always seem to find a new pack of paper that I really like. Last week, was no exception! I love double sided paper!

I promise I am going to leave these birds behind at sometime and move on to something new. But they are so easy to do and well, I really like paper birds. Especially paper birds that have crowns!

I already have a few more in progress. However, it is getting late in the morning and there are so many fun household chores to take care of and I am still in my pajamas. I always want to spend the day in my pajamas. That only happens during a bad snowstorm when I am stuck at home and I know that no one will be coming over. Unfortunately, I do not see a snowstorm in the forecast.

Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

I like your paper crown birds mom :0) and your new blog colors and the valentine's feel of everything. looking good as always!

<3 danielle

Anonymous said...

I love the birds and your owls and the little monster card holders. You are so creative. You have inspired my sister to make those birds. I love visiting your blog.
Happy 2010

Anonymous said...

I should have signed my comment. I'm doing it now.

cindy said...

Love your birds and their sweet crowns! And that paper is gorgeous!!!! And I always forget my coupons...I really need to get in the habit of that.

yapping cat