Monday, January 4, 2010

First Project 2010

The first project of the year. Nothing exciting, I wanted a new journal for the new year. I started keeping a journal last year, I was faithful at writing in it every day for three months. Then I missed a day, then another and then I never opened it again.

I bought a stamp set of the alphabet last year. I used it once. It is much easier to just use my own handwriting.

I love how the tree looks. Just circles cut into different sizes. I like the layered look.
Oh, yes that is an owl you see.

Moments in time.

That is why I am going to be faithful to this journal. I can not remember the little things quite as well as I use to. Like, where did I put that journal?
Thanks for visiting!


Carrie said...

your journal is beautiful

Anonymous said...

I love the journal.It is so bright and colorful,Love the owl.

steviewren said...

I'm a terrible journaler, but I love the idea of having a record to look back at. I keep a record of maintenance on my house in one journal and quotes I like in another.

Your journal is a cutie.

cindy said...

Love the journal! I always love your whimsical, colorful style!

yapping cat