Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank you Mother Nature!

We are having one fantastic summer in Rhode Island as far as I am concerned! So this is where I hope to spend most of the weekend! The "dark side of the deck" will be behind me! I found that cute 4 foot umbrella at Lowe's for $5.00. I knew this would be a great spot for it. It will cast just enough shade so I will not get too much sun. Again, thank you Mother Nature and please forgive me for all my ranting about that last snowstorm in March!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Miss Debbie said...

That looks inviting! I work for a dermatologist, so I have to say this.... be sure to wear sunscreen on the parts of you that aren't in the shade! :-)

steviewren said...

I love your new deck! The mixture of painted and stained wood is really pretty. The lounger and umbrella look so inviting. A big glass of pink lemonade would complete the picture.