Friday, July 30, 2010

The darkside of the deck!

I did want to show you what is on the other side of the deck, this little mess.It is not very pretty! Last week we had two large trees and two over sized shrubs removed. This is what was left behind! It was my husbands idea to do this, we have too much shade in our yard. The trees did not allow any sun to shine on the deck or for that matter into the house. I hated how the yard looked at first, I wanted my trees back. The sunshine is nice though, I have noticed the difference already. My husband was right, again. I hate when that happens and it has been happening a lot lately! I hope it stops soon, I like being right! I hope he has an idea for this mess! I am sure he does.

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Carol said...

I know what you mean about husbands making the right call about something! LOL

Can't wait to see what you two will do with that space!


Miss Debbie said...

Here in Ga, we want all the shade we can get! But I understand it is different in RI. That is funny about the hubby being right... don't you just hate that?!?! Look forward to seeing what becomes of the mess!

Lorilee said...

Hmm, here is South Texas we crave shade too! Even plants whose tags say "full sun" need some shade here!

Kim's Treasures said...

Looking forward to the makeover of the darkside! LOL! It's no fun when hubby is right!

Have a great weekend!