Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4. 2010

I always have a few flags tucked here and there. This little flag is on the front door.

This one is on the shed door.

This is metal wine chime flag that needs a little tlc, the colors are fading but otherwise, I like it.

This flag in a whiskey barrel that I have some flowers in along with some basil. I found out a few summers ago how easy basil is to grow and now I just go outside and pick a fresh bunch of basil whenever I need it.

Well, I love my flags and I love my country!
Have a safe and happy July 4, 2010!

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Lorilee said...

Have a blessed Independence Day!

Anonymous said...

The house looks very nice.Good colors.Happy agreat day........ Lorraine


I hope you have a wonderful
July 4th

2010 too


thanks and love you your flags

they look wonderful ~!

cindy said...

I love it! I like em too, tucked here and there! I had some for our 4h, but the weather threatened to be so bad, I ended up not putting em out. Yours look really, really cute!

yapping cat

Miss Debbie said...

I haven't been by for awhile, since you said you were taking a break. Welcome Back... I missed you! Looks like you have been busy! I love yellow houses.... if, like you said, it is the right color yellow. I'm sure you are going to love yours.