Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Comfy Couch

We have had this couch for a few years now. After a few trips to the furniture store and a fantastic sale. I bought it and a few other pieces. It was a drastic change because I was very much into the dark country look. Now this room is light and airy. It may look a bit stuffy, but it is really comfy. Believe me the pillows are usually on the floor and the table has magazines and the remotes on it. Only when I am home alone does the room look like this.


Painted Pink Pot said...

It looks comfy to me. I like the curtain color. I like the lighter colors it makes the room look fresh. Did you always have that cabinet?

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I like the curtain color too. It took some time to find the right curtain. The pattern in the couch makes it a bit hard to get a printed curtain. I always had the lace panels and valances. When it is too bright I just close them. The cabinet I have had for 13 years. My father made it. It has been many colors over the years. Any suggestions?

Debbie said...

Look so fresh and spring. Your cabinet pops against the color of the walls. So nice to have a dad who makes things for you.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I can so relate to the last sentence in your post! LOL!

Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comment! I am enjoying your blog as well....I am thrilled to meet a fellow Rhode Islander! I'd love to add you to my favorites and come back again!

Painted Pink Pot said...

I don't think I ever noticed the cabinet, it must have been a different color when I saw it. I like it. He likes to do things like that. I miss my fahter making me things too. He use to like to build furniture.