Friday, April 4, 2008


Last week Stacy at Painted Pink Pot blogged about stenciling. I had stenciled wall borders in a few rooms in our house. The last project I did was in our bathroom. The white stenciling gives the plain green wall just a little something. It is the only room that still has any stenciling in it. How many hours were spent changing colors, brushing on colors, and dabbing off colors? If I ever stencil again it will certainly be with one color.


Debbie said...

Love stenciling. I have some in every room. Yours adds to the clean lines you have in your home.

Painted Pink Pot said...

Beautiful stenciling. I love the shower curtain of what I can see of it. Let me made it!

The gold on the curtains pops, so your eyes get drawn to it.

Julie said...

How beautiful! It's such a delicate stencil -- nothing that will "date" itself. I love the color green you painted and the bead board! I can't get enough bead board paneling!!!!